We answer some of your frequently asked questions

Last year we held our first stage of consultation on Eleven Arches Tadcaster. We had a fantastic response, with lots of people attending events and submitting their feedback both in person and online. We’re now busy working up the next level of detail on the masterplan.

Whilst we do, we thought it would be helpful to share some of the common questions we’ve been asked and our initial response …

What’s the initial plan for the Eleven Arches site?

We’re looking at ways for Eleven Arches to deliver up to 500 much-needed new homes, a new public riverside park for Tadcaster, as well as community facilities, such as a shop or mobility hub. As the site’s within a short walk of Tadcaster centre, we think there’s a real opportunity for Eleven Arches to be a logical extension to Tadcaster, one that supports existing services, businesses and helps create a
flourishing town centre.

Why is it being proposed here and why is it needed?

In short, the town needs new homes. In the last decade, only 25 homes have been built in Tadcaster.

This has meant that young people are being forced to leave the area to buy or rent homes in surrounding villages or further afield – making it difficult for people to either move to or stay in Tadcaster.

The lack of homes has led to a lack of growth and opportunities, with recorded drops in the number of children, young people and people working in the town compared to increases elsewhere in the district and nationally.

What types of homes are planned and will there be some affordable housing?

Our research shows a real lack of affordable homes in Tadcaster. Our early ideas are to provide a good mix of homes that respond to what’s needed locally.

We’re working through the detail and your suggestions and are considering homes ideal for first time buyers, larger family homes and homes specifically for elderly people.

40% of the homes will be affordable homes to buy or rent. That’s double the emerging affordable housing requirement of 20% which Selby District Council are proposing through their new Local Plan.

What green space will there be?

Eleven Arches is a rare opportunity to increase and improve the publicly accessible green, open spaces in Tadcaster for residents and visitors to enjoy.

We’re planning for over two-thirds of the site to be devoted to a new riverside public park, enhancing wildlife and biodiversity and creating stunning places for recreation and relaxation.

With walking and cycling routes through to the town centre, we’re exploring how the park could provide a memorable and distinctive community space with points of interest such as:

What other facilities are planned?

We’re looking at what community facilities we could include for the benefit of existing and new residents.

We’re currently thinking about a new local grocery store, a mobility hub with EV charging points and cycle parking as well as new cycling and walking routes.

Is the site in the Green Belt?

Yes. The Leeds Green Belt, put in place to limit the city’s outward expansion, borders Tadcaster’s western edge. The Green Belt has heavily constrained the growth of Tadcaster, with areas that are not Green Belt often susceptible to flooding.

We’re proposing a new Green Belt boundary, partially releasing land to provide a logical, coherent extension of the town. Our plans will also seek to enhance land remaining within the Green Belt alongside greatly improving public access to new areas of open space.

As part of the planning process, we’ll need to demonstrate very special circumstances for this, which we believe there are.

Is the site likely to flood?

We know how important an issue this is for Tadcaster. We are not proposing any homes on land that’s at risk of flooding (I.e. Flood Zones 2 and 3).

Our team of drainage experts are working on designs to carefully manage the movement of water around the site, considering not only current water levels, but also the predicted impact of climate change.

Our work on Eleven Arches will show how part of the site – the area with no proposed development alongside the river’s edge – will be enhanced, with better management of water within the functional floodplain.

Are you considering transport?

Yes. We’ve got a team of transport experts looking at options of how to gain access and get around the site. Our initial idea is for a new roundabout on Wetherby Road, which will not only serve the site, but act as a traffic calming measure for vehicles entering the town to reduce their speed.

As part of the work to support the planning application, we’re also looking at how we can link Eleven Arches with the existing public transport network, local footways, footpaths and cycle routes. We are also considering how congestion could be eased around the neighbouring school drop off and pick up times.

Have you considered the impact on local services?

Our studies show there’s currently space at existing primary and secondary schools and that doctors have capacity locally. However, we are aware that some community facilities, such as the swimming pool, are in need of more visitors and financial support which could be provided through the development of Eleven Arches.

What about empty properties in Tadcaster?

We want to see Tadcaster be a flourishing and vibrant town. Given the lack of housing delivered over the years, there is demand for both existing properties to be brought back into use as well as new homes.

We believe that by new housing growth and increasing footfall in the town there is the opportunity to increase demand to bring back the derelict properties for both housing and commercial uses. However, we only have control over the Eleven Arches site, and are not responsible for existing vacant properties in Tadcaster.

How do I stay up to date and have my say?

Our first stage of consultation is now closed, however we’re planning another stage in early 2023 where there’ll be further opportunities to look at the plans and let us know your views.

In the meantime, you can still follow our social channels and website for the latest updates, as well as get in touch directly with the Project team. All the details of how to get in touch are here.

What happens next?

We’ll be speaking with the community again in 2023 before submitting a planning application in the spring. We anticipate that delivery of the site could get underway in 2025.

How do I register an interest in the homes at Eleven Arches?

It’s early days, but people are already registering their interest in living at Eleven Arches, Tadcaster. You can express an interest online here.